Dual Modality: Holistic Health Support For A Healthier You

If you’re new to using natural remedies and are just beginning to incorporate them into your already existing personal health regimen, you may find it confusing and quite frankly, intimidating. Herbal remedies. Homeopathic remedies. What’s the difference? Which one is right for your needs?

The simple answer is BOTH! While both herbal remedies and homeopathic can be great and effective in supporting your overall health and wellness, they serve different purposes and a thorough understanding of these differences is very important so you can find the utmost of satisfaction.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies begin with the highest quality herbs, picked at their peak potency. Given that we are firm believers in the Full Spectrum Method of Extraction, the whole parts of the herb containing the desired active ingredients are then extracted and prepared into an effective remedy formulated to address a certain bodily system or symptom within the body. This method maintains the natural integrity of the plant, keeping the herb in balance and harmony for optimal effectiveness.

Herbal remedies are best taken as a long term supplement to work on the root cause of the problem by supporting systemic functioning and addressing the organ, body system, and individual as a whole.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy follows the principle of “Like Cures Like.” Under this principle, the belief is that natural substances that induce symptoms similar to what the body is already experiencing will aid in the healing process and treatment of a particular condition. Homeopathic remedies are best taken when experiencing acute symptoms and one is looking for immediate relief of symptoms.

Dual Modality

So how do herbal and homeopathic remedies work together?

Natural remedies formulated correctly can work to promote an environment for holistic balance in the body. Herbal supplements can support systemic health for the long-term, and homeopathic medicines can be used to temporarily relieve short-term, currently experienced symptoms.

Taken together, as a duo, you have a complete approach to promoting whole health!

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