A Word From Our Formulators: Childhood Concentration & Attention

Does your child struggle to concentrate in school? Are you tired of being called into the school office due to their hyperactivity and inability to focus? We’re here to help!

Video Transcription

Does your child struggle to concentrate? Are you always being called into the school office because of bad behavior and poor grades? 

I am a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in natural medicine. Over the past 20 years, I have formulated hundreds of natural remedies for Native Remedies. As a Clinical Psychologist, it stands to reason that brain and emotional health are at the forefront of my work!

I believe that it is possible to help children to settle in class and concentrate on their work by using a holistic approach. To this end, I formulated two natural remedies – Focus Formula and BrightSpark. 

Focus Formula is an herbal remedy with a selection of natural ingredients to support the health of the brain and all its functions, including concentration, memory, and the ability to stay on task without being unduly distracted. 

BrightSpark is an FDA registered homeopathic remedy that helps hyperactive children to sit still. It also reduces the clowning around and behavioral issues that are typical of children who are hyperactive. 

While each remedy is effective in its own right, I formulated Focus Formula and BrightSpark to work together for children who battle to sit still and concentrate in class. 

These remedies are easy to use and will make all the difference to your child’s concentration, performance, and school behavior! 

Over the years I have received many many testimonials from parents, teachers, and children who have benefited from this natural approach. I am confident that YOUR child can be helped too! All Native Remedies are guaranteed to work or your money back! We also have a dedicated support team ready to answer your questions. I urge you to give your child the chance to succeed in school. Try Focus Formula and BrightSpark today! 


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