The Countdown Is On…

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The days are getting shorter, leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and the holiday season is here!  Parties, shopping, baking, cleaning, entertaining are just a few of the additional demands on our time during the holiday season.  Even the most organized, efficient, and competent among us can feel the additional stress the season brings. At some point in time we’ve all vowed “This year is going to be different! I’m going to avoid the stress and enjoy the holidays.”

Just stop, take a breath and re-group is common advice when stress is at its peak.  We all know that this is easier said than done. So, how are we going to make this year different?

Be Realistic

Your holidays don’t have to be perfect or just like last year.  Families grow, change and evolve and your traditions and rituals can too.  Accept that you don’t have to do everything yourself.  You can get the family involved and delegate. Focus your energy on enjoying the people in your life.

Plan Ahead

Set aside specific days or times for shopping, baking, visiting friends or other activities.  Plan your menus and make a shopping list.  This will ensure you have the necessary ingredients on hand eliminate those last-minute rushed trips to the store.

Learn to Say No

Friends and loved ones will understand if you can’t participate in every activity or project.  Accepting when you should decline can lead to added stress and leave you feeling resentful and overwhelmed.

Make time for yourself

15 minutes by yourself, with no distractions may be all you need to reduce stress and clear your mind and allow you to handle everything you need to do.  If 15 minutes isn’t enough try taking a walk at night and looking at the stars, setting aside time to get a massage or read a book.  Listening to music can also impact your mood.  Try some soothing tunes while you are cooking or cleaning.

Count Your Blessings

Take time to be grateful.  This is a year-round tactic that can help you be happier and more centered.  Instead of worrying that your house isn’t clean enough, be grateful you have a home, many don’t.  Instead of worrying about all the people you need to see, be grateful to have a circle of friends and family, many are all alone.  Instead of worrying that your holiday dinner doesn’t have enough side dishes, variety or complexity, be grateful that you have food on the table and a full stomach, many go hungry thru the holidays.

Occasionally no matter how well you plan, re-set your expectations, set aside time for yourself and practice gratitude the holidays can still feel stressful and overwhelming.  Sometimes you may just need a little extra help.

Native Remedies offers a wide-variety of all-natural stress and anxiety remedies that are effective for the holidays and all year round.

PureCalm is an herbal supplement that helps promote feelings of calm during times of pressure and stress and supports soothed nerves for managing busy schedules. 

Triple Complex Calm Tonic is a natural homeopathic remedy to reduce or relieve symptoms of occasional anxiety, stress or nervous tension.

Stress, and even holiday stress, can also affect children.  Routines are disrupted, new people are around, time with babysitters may increase and the elf on the shelf is watching!

Tula Tantrum Tamer calms and soothes fiery tempers and reduces the frequency and strength of tantrums.  It can help relive frustration and stubbornness.

With these helpful holiday tips in mind, we hope you take the time to enjoy all your fun fall activities!

By Mary Ellen Kosanke


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