October Is Emotional Wellness Month

How to Make Sure Your Mental Well-Being Is Top of Mind

Did you know there is a whole month devoted to emotional well-being? Emotional Wellness Month has been observed each October since 2004 to raise awareness about this important topic.

This October, perhaps more than any other year, we need to assess our mental health. Hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, political conflict and ongoing social justice issues have created turmoil for many people.

What is emotional wellness?

The National Center for Emotional Wellness says, “Emotional wellness is an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings and our ability to manage effectively our emotions through challenges and change.”

This doesn’t mean being happy all the time. Pain and negative experiences will still happen. But experiencing and processing negative feelings along with the positive is an important part of maintain balance and strong mental health. This balance helps us manage effectively through challenges.

Someone who is emotionally well can:

  • Feel good about themselves
  • Function well on their own or in relationships
  • Handle the ups and downs of life
  • Recognize and take advantage of opportunities
  • Feel connected to their community
  • Have control over their life
  • Feel a sense of purpose
  • Cope with life

Emotional well-being isn’t any less important than physical wellness. In fact, physical health issues can cause emotional upset, and mental health problems can spur physical health issues.

How to manage emotional stress

Negative feelings can make life unpleasant. It’s important to recognize symptoms of distress and take action. Lifestyle changes, along with support from family and friends, can help a lot.

Stress is a normal part of life. But when chronic stress interferes with your daily functioning, it’s time to get help.

Untreated chronic stress can contribute to physical ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and more. Paying attention to the causes of our stress helps us identify the biggest causes, so we can address them.

Some of the biggest stressors are:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Screen time, social media, FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Physical health problems, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies

Top 7 tips for improving emotional wellness (source: Evolve Treatment Centers):

  1. Identify your feelings
  2. Express your feelings
  3. Manage stress
  4. Learn mindfulness
  5. Find balance
  6. Find purpose
  7. Seek connection and support

According to a 2011 Harvard study, practicing meditation and mindfulness can actually help create new gray matter in the brain. This improves learning abilities, memory, self-awareness and compassion.

Ideas for observing Emotional Wellness Month

NationalToday.com cites three reasons why this month is important:

  1. We’re reminded to slow down.
  2. It reminds us to check in with our emotions.
  3. It gives us an opportunity to connect with loved ones.

Use October as an opportunity to take charge of your feelings. Find soothing activities that work for you.

  • Indulge yourself with a healthy splurge, like a massage, spa day, new yoga mat, etc.
  • Check in with a friend—connection supports mental health.
  • Learn a new coping skill like yoga, breathing techniques, journaling or other mindfulness practices.
  • Refocus your efforts to eat healthy and get enough physical activity.

What to do if you need more help

Maintaining emotional wellness may feel impossible if you’re experiencing signs of a mood disorder or mental illness. If your negative feelings last for two weeks or more, ask a trained professional for help.

People seeking a safe, natural approach to balanced moods have options including homeopathic medicines and herbal remedies.

Mindsoothe™ is one of our favorite herbal supplements. It also comes in a Junior formula, so you can help keep your child’s stress in check.

What is MindSoothe™ for Emotional Balance?

MindSoothe™ is a safe, natural herbal remedy formulated to support moods. It supports the brain’s ability to maintain production of important brain chemicals and hormones that support mental well-being. MindSoothe™ is 100% safe and natural, with no harmful side effects or risk of addiction.

Other favorites for emotional balance.


Our feelings impact our physical health, so listen to your body and mind intently. October is a great time to refocus on staying mentally healthy. Remember, emotional wellness is an important part of self-care all year long.

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