Back to School Time: How to Stay Focused At School This Year

Natural Ways to Improve Learning and Focus at School

After a long summer of sunshine and freedom, the thought of sitting still and staying focused at school all day may sound like “cruel and unusual punishment” to kids.

If your child is easily distracted or finds it hard to focus in the classroom, how can you help boost their concentration, attention span, and learning ability when they go back to school this fall?

Let us look at how natural remedies for focus and attention can help kids navigate back-to-school time. Pro tip: these are great solutions for adults who need help focusing, too!

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Is your child having trouble staying focused at school?

Does your child find they are easily distracted and struggling to concentrate on what the teacher is saying, even though they know it is important?

Maybe your son is sitting in class trying to pay attention when suddenly the kid next to him starts throwing paper airplanes. Or your daughter is trying to study for a test, but her friend keeps texting her with questions about what happened at the party last weekend.

Or perhaps your child feels like the teacher keeps talking about “boring” stuff like math or history instead of things that feel interesting and relevant to their life as a kid today (like how to get more views on social media).

Whatever the specifics, distractions can negatively impact your child’s ability to concentrate on important tasks. It is crucial to give kids the right tools to help them stay engaged and keep on track with their learning goals.

Step 1: Eat right for a better attention span and ability to concentrate

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The first step toward increased productivity and a longer attention span is to eat a healthy diet. Sure, that is the same old advice we hear all the time. But what does a “healthy diet” really mean? Is it even achievable with kids?

It is easy to get intimidated but remember that eating healthier does not have to be about perfection. It is about making better choices as often as possible, even with kids.

For snacks and meals, choose fresh foods that are nutrient-dense and support brain health as much as you can, like berries, vegetables, whole grains, and fish.

Here are 5 more healthy eating tips to help improve mental clarity:

  • Limit Sugar – Too much sugar, especially refined sugar, can hurt the ability to learn, impact mood and affect attention span and memory.
  • Eat foods with Omega-3 fatty acids – Fish, hemp oil and flaxseed are common sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain cell health and function.
  • Consume foods high in antioxidants – These free radical-fighters protect cells from damage. Antioxidant-rich foods include dark chocolate, pecans, berries, kale, beans (legumes), spinach and more.
  • Avoid Caffeine – Even if your child is too young to crave coffee before school each morning, caffeine finds its way into kids’ diet through soda, energy drinks and more. Too much caffeine increases stress hormones like cortisol that can cause irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. These all impact cognitive function and the ability to focus.
  • Limit Processed Foods – Processed foods often contain preservatives and artificial food colorings. Some parents of children with ADHD report improvements when they eliminate additives and food dyes from their children’s diets.

Getting enough sleep is also critical to your child’s executive function (the ability to think clearly, remember information, and make good decisions). Lack of sleep makes avoiding distractions throughout the day much harder. Focus, reaction times, problem-solving, and creativity are all negatively impacted by getting too little sleep.

Make sure your child gets plenty of exercise and physical movement during the day and after school. Exercise is not only good for physical and mental health, it also boosts brainpower by increasing the size of the hippocampus, which impacts learning and verbal memory.

Adults need help staying focused, too

Having trouble paying attention yourself? Distractions are not just a kids’ problem. Many adults find it hard to stay on task all day long, whether they are at work or are students in a classroom themselves.

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If you are trying to boost your own time management skills or cognitive performance so you are not so easily distracted, you are in luck. All the tips shared here are helpful for adults who have trouble trying to focus, too!

Step 2: Find the best supplements to boost focus in school and at home

If a child or adult is eating well and getting enough sleep but still has trouble with cognitive performance or brain function, it is time to dig deeper and find out what is going on.

Even when you are making healthy food choices, nutritional deficiencies can develop. When concentration problems are caused by deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients, natural supplements can help get things back on track.

How do supplements help learning and focus?

Supplements use natural herbs and extracts from plants like ginseng, gingko biloba, green tea extract and more to help increase focus and cognitive ability.

Homeopathic and herbal medicines are a substantial way to help students stay focused, because they contain ingredients that are known for their ability to improve memory and support learning.

These ingredients are all natural—no chemicals or artificial ingredients like those found in pharmaceutical ADHD medications. Natural supplements support concentration without any side effects, such as headaches or jitters.

Here are some of our favorite natural remedies for learning. These are supplements to help stay focused at school or work, improve mood, and concentrate on the task at hand. Even better: they are 100% natural and safe for children and adults.

BrightSpark™ is a homeopathic medicine for symptoms of attention deficit, distractibility and hyperactivity in children and adults. It supports improved concentration in the classroom and at work. BrightSpark™ reduces symptoms of inattention, distractibility and erratic or impulsive behavior.

Focus Formula™ is an herbal formula for focus, memory, improved concentration, and mental clarity in all ages—kids, teens, and adults. It supports memory function and information retention. Focus Formula™ promotes oxygen and nutrient flow for healthy brain functioning.

Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is a homeopathic medicine for mental fatigue, forgetfulness and problems concentrating or staying alert. It promotes systemic balance on a cellular level.

Focus ADDult™ is an herbal supplement for mental clarity. It helps boost memory, motivation, and healthy brain functioning in teens and adults. Focus ADDult™  promotes improved mental clarity during work and learning, and helps support healthy energy levels and nervous system function.

StudyPlus™ is an herbal supplement for concentration and memory functioning in students of all ages. It promotes clear focus for academic performance and study habits, supports mental processing and alertness, and helps maintain a calm approach to work.


It is important to be able to stay focused at school, home, and work. People of all ages deserve to feel relaxed and confident each day, not distracted and stressed out. The tips and strategies above create a helpful roadmap to make that happen.


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