Native Remedies’ Sustainability Promise This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways Native Remedies Puts the Planet First

At Native Remedies, nature is at the root of everything we do. From our founders’ first two natural remedies—developed out of love for their nephew with ADHD—to today’s selection of 200+ formulas, our mission has remained the same: find natural ways to mitigate symptoms and support long-term health. We’re committed to supporting our natural environment by using sustainably, organically farmed, or ethically wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible.

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It’s easy to forget how uncommon our priorities and processes really are in this industry. Year after year, our commitment to sustainability is second to none. You can enjoy our products knowing you’re making a beneficial choice for yourself and the environment.

Here’s a recap of 5 things we’re proud of when it comes to putting the planet and its inhabitants first:

  1. Cruelty-free. Native Remedies is a cruelty-free brand. None of our herbal supplements or homeopathic medicines are ever tested on animals.
  2. Ethical ingredients. The ingredients we use are sustainably sourced, organically grown, or ethically wild-harvested wherever possible. They are GMO-free and picked at their peak potency. To maintain the plant’s natural integrity and balance, we use the Full Spectrum method of extraction (see more about our manufacturing process below). We support local certified organic growers and a select group of wild harvesters with extensive experience in medicinal plants.
  3. Made in the USA. Native Remedies manufactures in the United States in FDA-registered facilities according to the highest pharmaceutical standards, compliant with the principles of cGMP.
  4. Responsible partners. Like most businesses, we work with business partners for sourcing, distribution, and more. We only choose companies we trust, who hold similar values and priorities to Native Remedies.
  5. Walking the walk. Our team members take a hands-on approach to personal wellness, from using natural remedies in our own daily routines to encouraging other people to explore a holistic approach to health. We also invest in our local community—the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin—and encourage each team member to make a difference through volunteering, donations, sustainability programs, and other community involvement.
Icons for being cruelty free, GMO free, made it the USA, responsible partnering, and investing locally in Wisconsin.

More About the Native Remedies Full Spectrum Extraction Process

Native Remedies herbal supplements are manufactured using the Full Spectrum method of extraction, which ensures ingredients remain as close to their natural makeup as possible. Extracting the herb’s active ingredients from the whole part of the plant, such as the whole leaf, whole root, or whole stem, helps maintain the plant’s natural integrity and balance. These good collection practices maximize the plant’s potential benefit.

In comparison, a “standardized” extraction method isolates and extracts only active ingredients from herbs, not the whole part of the plant.

Full Spectrum extraction enhances the overall therapeutic effects of our organically harvested and ethically wild-crafted herbs, keeping the extract as close to the original plant composition as possible. This way all the plant’s natural metabolites work in harmony together, just like they would while growing in the wild.

Bottom line: we cultivate, then utilize, herbs with the earth in mind—as nature intended.

More About the Native Remedies Manufacturing Process

We choose the best ingredients for our remedies, so you get the best results. Each of our herbal supplements undergoes a 3-Point Quality Promise Process to ensure good quality practices:

  1. Formulation. We match customer needs and wants with natural ingredients that are proven effective in both recent clinical research and traditional medicine.
  2. Raw Material Quality and Source. All the raw materials we use are ethically wild harvested from their natural habitats, organically grown using local farmers whenever possible, and selectively imported if necessary. They are purchased from reputable organic certified suppliers using good agricultural practices, are free from GMOs, and are never fumigated or irradiated.
  3. Manufacturing. Native Remedies manufactures in-house in an FDA-registered, organic, Kosher-certified facility under strict, sterile conditions that adhere to good laboratory practices. Ingredients and finished products go through rigorous quality testing for potency and accurate plant identification. Registered manufacturing pharmacists on-site approve all products. Our facilities manufacture according to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), using hydro-alcoholic extraction processes such as cold percolation, long-term macerations, hot water decoctions, emulsions, reductions, and more. The result is the finest clinically developed extracts on the market.

With Love to Mother Earth

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At Native Remedies, our love and respect for the earth’s natural wonders underscore everything we do. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, join us in feeling the love not only for our sweethearts but also for the planet we collectively call home.

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