Can Essential Oils Support Better Mental Health?

by Hannah Kuenzi

Living with anxiety and depression is a difficult feat for any who experience it. According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the U.S. alone, 18.1% or 40 million Americans struggle with symptoms of some sort of an anxiety disorder. It is estimated that this number is actually much higher, as many anxiety disorders go undiagnosed or unreported (1).

If you’re struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression but are looking for an alternative to conventional medicine, or are looking for something to complement your existing treatment program, look no further than essential oils!

Essential Oils have been used for centuries. The first documentation of their usage was done by the Greek herbalist Dioscorides, in his 1st-century treatise on herbal medicine. In this treatise, he writes of their aromatic medicinal properties (2).

Anxiety Supporting Oils


Lavender oil has balancing, soothing and calming properties that may give someone additional strength and confidence when feeling anxious.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oil has relaxing and sensual properties and supports the release of feelings of anger and frustration (3).


The warm and sweet fragrance of rose essential oil supports feelings of calm and balance and is sometimes referred to as “the queen of stress oils” (3).


The calming, cleansing and sensual properties of Frankincense oil has the ability to bring you at ease with yourself and the influencers around you.


Geranium has a balancing, calming and strengthening properties that may help bring balance to a wavering or downward spiraling mood (3).


The warm, strengthening, focusing and revitalizing properties of cinnamon oil helps one feel more at ease; especially during episodes of stress or anxiety that are induced by work (3).


A gentle, cleansing and tonifying essential oil, lemon has a refreshing aroma to uplift a dampened mood.

How To Use Them

  1. Use an Aromafier Diffuser to diffuse the fragrance around your house or workspace
  2. Place a few drops in your hands, rub and cup them together and inhale deeply
  3. Place the essential oil in a carrier oil or unscented body lotion to wear directly on the skin
  4. Diffuse into an aromatic bath (recipe found here)

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